Lily's Kitchen Venison and Duck Complete Dry Food for Dogs 2.5kg

This grain free recipe uses only freshly prepared venison, duck and salmon together with carefully chosen fruits, vegetables botanical herbs. Like all our dry food, this free, delicious complete is bursting natural goodness. We add lots of glucosamine chondroitin for


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Alessi Kitchen Storage Kalisto Jar

Alessi Kitchen Storage Kalisto Jar One of the best results of Memory Containers metaproject, coordinated by Centro Studi in early 1990s and which involved 200 young designers (aged under 30) working in area of archetypes for presenting offering food. About “A true


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Typhoon Modern Kitchen Small Acacia Chopping Board

Typhoon Modern Kitchen Small Acacia Chopping Board – 20 x 25 cm As part of the collection from Typhoon, this large chopping board isn’t just ideal for preparing food gorgeous looks mean you can also impress guests by serving your side dishes with a hint of rustic


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VIDAXL Kitchen Backsplash Transparent 80x50 cm Tempered Glass

Kitchen unit and kitchenette Tidy fitting for units VIDAXL, Made of tempered glass, this backsplash will serve as a reliable guard be a practical decorative addition to your decor. The is heat resistant, ensuring


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Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Really Radiant Moisturiser 60Ml

The Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Really Radiant Moisturiser is more than a moisturiser! Why? It's packed full of Kitchen's unique blend of marine extracts that are scientifically proven to target age spots, even skin tone, lift, firm and brighten for an always glowing, can't stop staring,


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Beliani Kitchen Trolley White AFRAGOLA

This practical kitchen trolley cart is designed to make your dining experience easier and more convenient. With a cutlery drawer, wine bottle storage space, towel rack shelving, it gives every item needed for the perfect mealtime right to hand. The simplistic elegant white design, paired with


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Kitchen Craft MasterClass Professional Blow Torch

Ideal for caramelizing sugar on top of desserts, skinning tomatoes and peppers or crisping joints of meat, this blow torch can help you finesse your cooking add a professional touch. Good to know: Gas canister is not included.


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BECCA Sets Chrissy Cravings Glow Kitchen for Women

A sweet selection of gorgeous cosmetics. The Chrissy Cravings Glow Kitchen features a range of complimentary warm colours across a lipstick, eye shadow and highlighter. Set includes: Lip Souffle in Red Velvet: A weightless with a mousse like texture. provides rich a


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By IWOOT King Of The Kitchen Entrance Mat

When a Dad is cooking, none may enter his domain without express permission from the king. Even more so if there's a barbecue somewhere!The old man always knows best, so how about you show him a thing or two by getting a great gift this year? Whether it's for a dad or a grandad, you'll find perfect


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The Kitchen Pantry Glass Preserving Jars Set of 6 500ml

These preserving jars are just the thing for storing your homemade creations. Each one features a silicone airtight seal & sturdy brass arm clip, making them perfect sharing with friends & family. We won’t tell if keep best batch to yourself, though.   Key features: * Set of 6 glass


14.4£ Details / Order


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